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Agility Trial Champions and Team Extraordinaires


See the table below for the C-ATCH & C-ATE
(Regular/Veterans, Enthusiast and Specialist),
and Specialist Champion & Extraordinaire earned title lists.

Congratulations everyone!

If you feel there is an error, please email – cpe@charter.net.

To order multiple C-ATCH, CT-ATCH, CS-ATCH plaques, click the link below:

C-ATE, CT-ATE, CS-ATE and the first C-ATCH, CT-ATCH, CS-ATCH plaques are automatically sent by CPE through the engraver.

Plaques not received and not reported within 90 days of the date on the gray date box on the member services page will be reprinted at the cost of the owner, as packages cannot be tracked after 90 days.

The title plaque will have your dog's call name,
owner name(s) per the dog's title certificates,
and the year the title was earned with the title name.

The earned through date will be listed in the gray box within your member services page (see online records main page for a link) as each earned month date that a plaque order is completed.

Plaques are shipped by the engraver, NOT CPE. If you refuse delivery, or your package is returned for changed address, the additional shipping charge would be required for the plaque to be reshipped. If there is an issue with your plaque, contact CPE – not the engraver.

If you see a discrepancy on a page or on your plaque, please email details to linda@cpe.dog. Do NOT return plaques with mistakes to CPE, they cannot be reused.

Each page is in order by the most recent first. The highest multiple title number is first (see table heading). The list is sorted by date (most recent first), then by dog’s first name.

Title CodeFull Title DescriptionLink to Page
C-ATECPE Agility Team ExtraordinaireC-ATE's
C-ATCHCPE Agility Trial ChampionC-ATCH's
Specialist Extraordinaire
Specialist Champion



Title CodeFull Title DescriptionLink to Page
C-CSSTECPE Canine Scent Sport Team ExtraordinaireC-CSSTE



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