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June 2-4, 2006
The 2006 CPE National Event, 7th annual, hosted by Haute Dawgs Agility Group of Sacramento, was full of fun!

There were 375 dogs entered by 283 handlers from 12 states and Canada.

Thanks to Haute Dawgs, members and friends - and all who volunteered! It would not have happened without your support.

Thanks to Lesa McCann, Mandy Moller, Terry Scofield and Ray Wheeler for the challenging but fun courses!

All qualifying scores are worth points towards all awards and trophies, clean runs are worth the most in the faultable classes. Congratulations to all who earned Q's and trophies! The trophy results are listed below.

Thank you, CPE exhibitors, for making this year's Nationals such a memorable event!

We hope to see you at the 2007 CPE Nationals in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Canada!

High In Trial
Jag (Australian Shepherd) & Justine Bradley (CA)
High Veteran In Trial
Fritz (Shetland Sheepdog) & Susan Rappillus (CA)
High Specialist In Trial
Rainey (German Shepherd Dog) & Jennie Keifer (CA)
High Jr Handler In Trial
Meagan Johnson (OR) & Nessa (Border Collie)

High in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"LucyPembroke Welsh CorgiZachary Gulaboff-Davis (OR) (Jr Handler)
12"DixieMiniature Australian ShepherdJoanna Ambroz (NV)
16"Zee ZeeBorder CollieBobbie Kurivial (FL)
20"RubyAmerican Staffordshire TerrierLinda Chwistek (CA)
24"LouStandard PoodleJulianne Pyle (CA)
Level 3
8"SierraToy PoodleSally Beckner (CA)
12"WaveShetland SheepdogMarcy Mantell (CA)
16"SassyBorder CollieBarbara Brandt & Sue Marshall (OR)
20"TaikoAustralian ShepherdLiza Buckner (CA)
24"KatieStandard PoodleChris & John Clifford (CA)
Level 4
8"LilyWest Highland White TerrierEsther & Albert Menashe (OR)
12"DexterJack Russell TerrierBarb White (OR)
16"IndigoAustralian Cattle DogWendy Bruce (CA)
20"DustyGolden RetrieverKatie Madison (CA) (JR Handler)
24"John IrvingAmerican BulldogKaryn McCulloch (CA)
Level 5
8"CheekyPomeranianPatricia Walters (CA)
12"ScoutShetland SheepdogLaurie Leach (CA)
16"TwigBorder CollieKaty Robertson (CA)
20"McKenzieEnglish ShepherdDwight & Paula Cash (OR)
24"My AnnieBorder CollieKathleen Alles (CA)
Level C
8"BrandyJack Russel TerrierJeanne Nixon (CA)
12"ElvisBoston TerrierBrittney Norman & Eric Herbert (CA)
16"MeganAustralian ShepherdDavid Connet (CA)
20"FritzShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus (CA)
24"TikaAll AmericanEllen Finch (CA)
Level S
8"WillPapillonAnne & Ron Etherton (CA)
12"No Qualifiers
16"MegBorder CollieRon & Anne Etherton (CA)
20"RaineyGerman Shepherd DogJennie Keifer (CA)
24"KobeAll AmericanDebbie Lean (CA)
Reserve in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"DexterJack Russell TerrierZach Johnson (OR) (JR Handler)
12"ChanceMiniature Australian ShepherdPatricia Fries (CA)
16"MiaAll AmericanShelley Haskell (CA)
20"TiamoDutch ShepherdBarb White (OR)
24"No Qualifiers
Level 3
8"EllaPembroke Welsh CorgiChristine Johnson (CA)
12"PerryShetland SheepdogDeborah Davidson-Harpur (CA)
16"SadieAustralian ShepherdRoger & Bonnie Badertscher (CA)
20"MugsAustralian ShepherdTim & Linda Buell (CA)
24"PeteBorder CollieDaniel & Carole Mann (OR)
Level 4
8"WinstonMalteseCheryl Harvey (CA)
12"KyraMiniature Australian ShepherdSondra Runyan (CA)
16"MaddieMiniature Australian ShepherdLesley & Martin Cunningham (CA)
20"SydneyAustralian ShepherdAnnette Thomason (CA)
24"NessaBorder CollieMeagan Johnson (OR) (JR Handler)
Level 5
8"KobyPembroke Welsh CorgiMary Phoenix (CA)
12"OzzieJack Russell TerrierLinda Larsen (OR)
16"BlueBorder CollieLaurie Raz-Astrakhan (CA)
20"MercyBelgian TervurenLinda Knowles (CA)
24"ThunderBorder CollieLisa Maynard (CA)
Level C
8"Litte BearPomeranianNancy Marmol (CA)
12"JaggerShetland SheepdogCindy & Mickey Glantz (CA)
16"PeteBorder CollieJeri Reinhardt (CA)
20"JagAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley (CA)
24"BounceLurcherCandy Gaiser (CA)
Level S
8"DevonPembroke Welsh CorgiLinda Eickholdt (MI)
12"No Qualifiers
16"MystiBorder CollieLoretta & Jack Baldwin (CA)
20"TsukiMcNabDiane Blackman (CA)
24"No Qualifiers
Games Trophies
8" Jump Height
1st placeEllaPembroke Welsh CorgiChristine Johnson (CA)
2nd placeDexterJack Russell TerrierZach Johnson (OR) (JR Handler)
3rd placeTaterPomeranianRaymond & Mardee Jang (CA)
4th placeRipleyAll AmericanDorris Wiglesworth (CA)
5th placeLucyPembroke Welsh CorgiZachary Gulaboff-Davis (OR) (Jr Handler)
12" Jump Height
1st placeMaybelleBoston TerrierBrittney Norman & Eric Herbert (CA)
2nd placeStetsonShetland SheepdogGwen Evans (CA)
3rd placeDixieMiniature Australian ShepherdJoanna Ambroz (NV)
4th placeZuZuJack Russell TerrierLynn Jacobs (CA)
5th placeSandyAll AmericanTrisha Stall (NY)
16" Jump Height
1st placeAnnieAustralian ShepherdBetsy Grundman (CA)
2nd placeGaryAll AmericanIlynn & Scott DeFreitas (CA)
3rd placeSadieAustralian ShepherdDeborah Dulaney (WA)
4th placeAllyAustralian Cattle DogMardee & Raymond Jang (CA)
5th placeLoganShetland SheepdogClaudia Meyer (CA)
20" Jump Height
1st placeJagAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley (CA)
2nd placeFritzShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus (CA)
3rd placeChaseAustralian ShepherdErika Maurer & David Grubel (CA)
4th placeRustyAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley (CA)
5th placeAnnabelleAustralian ShepherdLiza Buckner (CA)
24" Jump Height
1st placeHollyFoxhoundCandy Gaiser (CA)
2nd placeDjangoBorder CollieJim & Roxie Westbrook (CA)
3rd placeFantomGerman Shepherd DogSonja Davis (MI)
4th placeJammerBelgian MalinoisKelly Backus (CA)
5th placePeteBorder CollieDaniel & Carole Mann (OR)
Specialist Dogs
1st placeRaineyGerman Shepherd DogJennie Keifer (CA)
2nd placeDoralGolden RetrieverJude Stewart (ON)
3rd placeTsukiMcNabDiane Blackman (CA)
4th placeBlazeShetland SheepdogCindy & Mickey Glantz (CA)
5th placeToriStaffordshire Bull TerrierJennier Keifer (CA)

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