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June 3 - 5, 2005
The 2005 CPE National Event, 6th annual, hosted by JBs Wild Child Agility and North Star PawzAbility, was full of fun!

There were 370 dogs entered by 258 handlers from 19 states and Canada. Thanks to JBsWCA & NSP owners, members and friends - and all who volunteered! It would not have happened without your support.

Thanks to Mary Beam (Ohio), Eileen Keegan (New York) and Ken Perlmutter (California) for the challenging but fun courses!

There were a record number of major titles finished at Nationals! - Five C-ATCH's and one Specialist Champion!

All qualifying scores are worth points towards all awards and trophies, clean runs are worth the most. Congratulations to all who earned Q's and trophies! All teams who earned a High in Standard trophy were eligible to participate in a Champion Standard run.

Listed below are the Trophy results.

Thank you, CPE exhibitors, for making this year's Nationals such a memorable event!

We hope to see you at the 2006 CPE Nationals in California!

High In Trial
Whiskey (All American) & Kelly Brauneck (OH)
High Veteran In Trial
Ista (Corgi) & Barbara Rogers (CT)
High Specialist In Trial
Tippy (All American) & Cheryl Teale (IL)
High Jr Handler In Trial - TIE!
Rowdy (Cocker Spaniel) & Logan Stover (MI)
Ariel (All American) & Josh Dunn (OH)
High Border Collie in Trial
Sponsored by C-ATCH Digger & Lesa McCann
Skip & Carol Thom (NY)
High Terrier in Trial
Sponsored by Mary & Ralph Beam and the Smooth Fox Terriers
Nemo (JRT) & Rhonda Rebhorn (IN)
High Miniature Australian Shepherd in Trial
Sponsored by the New England Miniature Australian Shepherd Club
Katie & Cheryl Killam (NH)
High All American in Trial
Sponsored by Northwest Ohio Dog Trainers, Montpelier OH
Whiskey & Kelly Brauneck (OH)

High in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"BillyJack Russell TerrierSara McKinley (CA)
12"HopeKeeshondCynthia Ernat (IL)
16"LilyBorder ColliePatricia & Chelsee Patton (MI)
20"CharmAustralian ShepherdCynthia Ernat (IL)
24"FurleyBorder CollieKelly Brauneck (OH)
Level 3
8"L.B.Pembroke Welsh CorgiKrista & Mark Anthony (OH)
12"TiffanyMiniature SchnauzerApril Johnson-Robbins (OH)
16"RottenAll AmericanDiane Harrison (OH)
20"SkipBorder CollieCarol Thom (NY)
24"MojoAll AmericanJenny & Cassie Zoll (OH)
Level 4
8"RobinJack Russell TerrierHeather Gates (OH)
12"AbbiKeeshondCynthia Ernat (IL)
16"ShaztaAustralian ShepherdCynthia Ernat (IL)
20"BannerAustralian ShepherdMarsha Houston (OH)
24"MolsonVizslaSue & John Verbocy (NY)
Level 5
8"VanPembroke Welsh CorgiDiane Gray (NY)
12"NitroShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus (CA)
16"PeteBorder CollieJeri Reinhardt (CA)
20"FerrisLabrador RetrieverLaura Raymond (NH)
24"AmigoGolden RetrieverJose Franco (NH)
Level C
8"MayaPomeranianBetsy & Melinda Ryba (MI)
12"RhemyShetland SheepdogCrystal Wright-Partyka (MA)
16"MarleyAustralian ShepherdDeborah Hanson (IL)
20"FritzShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus (CA)
24"PogoDoberman PinscherBonnie Cole (MI)
Level S
8"DevonPembroke Welsh CorgiLinda Eickholdt (MI)
12"No Qualifiers
16"MuppyAll AmericanPatricia Graham (KY)
20"SpielmanLabrador RetrieverJanet Cannon (OH)
24"No Qualifiers
Reserve in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"KipperPembroke Welsh CorgiAndrea & Ronnen Golombek (MI)
12"AbbieMiniature PoodleRichard Kurzawa (MI)
16"RouxKeeshondCynthia Ernat (IL)
20"NessBelgian TervurenPat Morgan (MI)
24"BillieDoberman PinscherKim Langley (MI)
Level 3
8"PollyMiniature PoodleMary Harrison (MI)
12"ZiggyShetland SheepdogWendy Gregoire (MA)
16"KatieAustralian ShepherdAndrea Boucher (MI)
20"JulieAll AmericanClarissa Lau (MI)
24"McKayBorder CollieHolly Nagel (NY)
Level 4
8"ElliotChihuahuaTeresa Lucas (MI)
12"BirdieShetland SheepdogBud Houston (OH)
16"TazMiniature Australian ShepherdMichael & Janice Morin (NH)
20"LibbySchnauzerChristine Digiovanni (MI)
24"TigerAustralian ShepherdRebecca Burk (MI)
Level 5
8"PollyPomeranianBetsy & Melinda Ryba (MI)
12"GripperAll AmericanDebra Jane Seltzer (NY)
16"KatieMiniature Australian ShepherdCheryl Killam (NH)
20"JessieAll AmericanMaggie Vining (CA)
24"PaddingtonSamoyedJudith Cohen (WI)
Level C
8"KlassieYorkshire TerrierMaureen Mickens (OH)
12"IstaCorgiBarbara Rogers (CT)
16"MajelNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverRay Wheeler & Nancy Obara (MA)
20"PiperBorder CollieSally Slade (MI)
24"No Qualifiers
Level S
8"No Qualifiers
12"No Qualifiers
16"TippyAll AmericanCheryl Teale (IL)
20"No Qualifiers
24"No Qualifiers
Games Trophies
8" Jump Height
1st placeBouncePapillonJackie Goodrich (NJ)
2nd placePollyPomeranianBetsy & Melinda Ryba (MI)
3rd placeLuigiJack Russell TerrierMargaret Hendershot (OH)
4th placeBreePomeranianNadine Harmon (CA)
5th placeMayaPomeranianBetsy & Melinda Ryba (MI)
12" Jump Height
1st placeIstaCorgiBarbara Rogers (CT)
2nd placeChamoisAll AmericanEllen Hizer (MI)
3rd placeNemoJack Russell TerrierRhonda Rebhorn (IN)
4th placeSandyAll AmericanTrisha Stall (NY)
5th placeHopeKeeshondCynthia Ernat (IL)
16" Jump Height
1st placeBogieShetland SheepdogBud Houston (OH)
2nd placeMarleyAustralian ShepherdDeborah Hanson (IL)
3rd placeSwizzleBorder CollieLinda Dickison (NY)
4th placeMajelNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverRay Wheeler & Nancy Obara (MA)
5th placeLundyAll AmericanBobbie Kurivial (FL)
20" Jump Height
1st placeOzzieAll AmericanCynthia Ernat (IL)
2nd placeWhiskeyAll AmericanKelly Brauneck (OH)
3rd placeTyphoonBorder CollieSonja Davis (MI)
4th placeJessieAll AmericanMaggie Vining (CA)
5th placeFritzShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus (CA)
24" Jump Height
1st placePaddingtonSamoyedJudith Cohen (WI)
2nd placeAmigoGolden RetrieverJose Franco (NH)
3rd placeAtticaDoberman PinscherErik Rakow (MI)
4th placeFurleyBorder CollieKelly Brauneck (OH)
5th placeSunnyAll AmericanMarisa & Jon Calhoun (MI)
Specialist Dogs
1st placeTippyAll AmericanCheryl Teale (IL)
2nd placeDevonPembroke Welsh CorgiLinda Eickholt (MI)
3rd placeMuppyAll AmericanPatricia Graham (KY)
4th placeSpielmanLabrador RetrieverJanet Cannon (OH)
5th placeKileyAll AmericanBeth Meade (MI)
Champion Standard Class
This class is a "run-off" of the High in Standard trophy winners
It does not count towards any awards and no Q's are awarded
1st place & trophyHope (Keeshond) & Cynthia Ernat (IL)
2nd placeCharm (Australian Shepherd) & Cynthia Ernat (IL)
3rd placeShazta (Australian Shepherd) & Cynthia Ernat (IL)
4th placeFritz (Shetland Sheepdog) & Susan Rappillus (CA)

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