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June 11 - 13, 2004
The 2004 CPE National Event, 5th annual, hosted by Western Agility Group, was full of fun!

There were 229 dogs entered by 172 handlers. Thanks to Western Agility Group owners, members and friends - and all who volunteered! It would not have happened without your support.

Thanks to Al Ceranko (Ohio), Ray Wheeler (Massachusetts) and Frank Holik (Michigan) for the challenging but fun courses!

All qualifying scores are worth points towards all awards and trophies, clean runs are worth the most. Congratulations to all who earned Q's and trophies! All teams who earned a High in Standard trophy participated in a Champion Standard run.

This is the first year that a High in Specialist has been awarded. Congratulations to Bikky (Shetland Sheepdog) and Cynthia Roberts!

Listed below are the Trophy results.

Thank you, CPE exhibitors, for making this a memorable event!

We hope to see you at the 2005 CPE Nationals in Michigan!

High In Trial
Twig (Border Collie) & Katy Robertson
High Veteran In Trial
Meg (Border Collie) & Ron Etherton
High Specialist In Trial
Bikky (Shetland Sheepdog) & Cynthia Roberts
High Jr Handler In Trial
Tia (Papillon) & Danielle Badger
High Border Collie in Trial
Sponsored by Al & Barb Ceranko
Twig & Katy Robertson

High in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"JakePembroke Welsh CorgiPatricia Diehl
12"NitroShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus
16"ChiliAustralian ShepherdNancy Campanile
20"WoodyGerman Shepherd DogBeverly Lewis
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Level 3
8"BoomerCardigan Welsh CorgiSeiss Wagner
12"ChanceShetland SheepdogDonna D'Amico
16"StarBearded CollieJana & Gayle Dozet
20"SamShetland SheepdogKevin Gast
24"SamsonRhodesian RidgebackMarcia Anderson
Level 4
8"RenoPembroke Welsh CorgiDeborah Ogg
12"JaggerShetland SheepdogCindy & Mickey Glantz
16"MeganAustralian ShepherdDavid Connet
20"TwigBorder CollieKaty Robertson
24"BounceLurcherCandy Gaiser
Level 5
8"ScullyAll AmericanArlene Watson
12"BrandyJack Russell TerrierJeanne Nixon
16"MegBorder CollieAnne & Ron Etherton
20"PivotLurcherCandy Gaiser
24"SpikeAll AmericanGwen Tatsuno
Level C
8"MickeyPomeranianNadine Harmon
12"SandyAll AmericanTrisha Stall
16"MaxShetland SheepdogJessica Obermiller
20"FritzShetland SheepdogSusan Rappillus
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Level S
8"None entered or No Qualifiers
12"BikkyShetland SheepdogCynthia Roberts
16"StarrAustralian Cattle DogTara Wiglesworth
20"None entered or No Qualifiers
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Reserve in Standard Trophies
Level 2
8"RobinPembroke Welsh CorgiLoni Cummings
12"SophiaEnglish Cocker SpanielMary Carbrey
16"JagAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley
20"KianaVizslaColleen & Robert Meacham
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Level 3
8"TaterPomeranianRaymond Jang
12"WinstonEnglish Cocker SpanielCraig Carbrey
16"IndyAustralian Cattle DogAnn Kitchen
20"KinzerAustralian ShepherdValerie McKeever
24"TennyBelgian TervurenNancy Smith
Level 4
8"CheekyPomeranianPatricia Walters
12"BabarFrench BulldogJackie Drucker
16"AllyAustralian Cattle DogMardee Jang
20"TuckerLabrador RetrieverNancy Campanile
24"ThunderBorder CollieLisa Maynard
Level 5
8"MiltonPapillonKaren Kaua
12"ToriStaffordshire Bull TerrierJennie Keifer
16"PattyAustralian ShepherdKatrina Anderson
20"OrcaAll AmericanMackenzie Pester
24"HoneyGerman Shorthaired PointerDonna Sprouse
Level C
8"None entered or No Qualifiers
12"None entered or No Qualifiers
16"JakeAll AmericanEllen Levy Finch
20"RustyAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Level S
8"None entered or No Qualifiers
12"None entered or No Qualifiers
16"LucyLabrador RetrieverMarcie Galick
20"None entered or No Qualifiers
24"None entered or No Qualifiers
Games Trophies
8" Jump Height
1st placeBrandyMiniature PinscherCindy Jackson
2nd placeScullyAll AmericanArlene Watson
3rd placeBoomerCardigan Welsh CorgiSeiss Wagner
12" Jump Height
1st placePiperShetland SheepdogPatti Idlof
2nd placeJaggerShetland SheepdogCindy & Mickey Glantz
3rd placeZuZuJack Russell TerrierLynn Jacobs
16" Jump Height
1st placeAnnieAustralian ShepherdBetsy Grundman
2nd placeAmberShetland SheepdogCarley & Kelly Corado
3rd placeLucy LuBorder CollieBabette St Pierre-Casad
4th placeJosie WalesBorder CollieJeanette Duncan
5th placeJagAustralian ShepherdJustine Bradley
20" Jump Height
1st placeChellieBorder CollieMarjorie Ross
2nd placeTwigBorder CollieKaty Robertson
3rd placeJessieAll AmericanMaggie Vining
4th placeAshe'English ShepherdZiji Scott
5th placeKatieGolden RetrieverCarlene Chandler
24" Jump Height
1st placeSpikeAll AmericanGwen Tatsuno
2nd placeBounceLurcherCandy Gaiser
3rd placeTennyBelgian TervurenNancy Smith
Specialist Dogs
1st placeBikkyShetland SheepdogCynthia Roberts
2nd placeLucyLabrador RetrieverMarcie Galick
3rd placeJackieRough CollieSonja Davis
Champion Standard Class
1st place & trophyReno (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Deborah Ogg
2nd placeJagger (Shetland Sheepdog) & Cindy Glantz
3rd placeTwig (Border Collie) & Katy Robertson
4th placeBrandy (Jack Russell Terrier) & Jeanne Nixon

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